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Filming, Photography and Programme Production


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 Andy Luck started Open Eye Film and it is my pleasure to open the website in 2017 in his footsteps. He was introduced to me as “the nicest man you’re ever likely to meet.”    

  He proved to be that indeed, a gentleman film-maker and photographer of great talent and charm. It was important to the founder of OpenEye Film,  that short programmes should be entertaining and concise within an overriding framework of accurate research and editorial integrity. I will endeavour to maintain that tradition of editorial integrity and ethics. Charles Paxton Business Card.


Partnerships power our projects …

Creative, Multi-genre Production with a Public Service ethos.

Open Eye Film aims to serve clients’ demand for filming, photography, articles and programme production in a diverse range of genres. Charles Paxton would be proud to produce short films for you.

My HQ DVD version of the panel discussion video filmed on January 24th, 2019 at the Union Museum of History and Art in Farmerville, Louisiana, USA is now published on YouTube.

The Quinceañera Tradition among Hispanic Families of North-Central Louisiana

 What is a quinceañera?  Why is it so significant among Hispanic families of North-Central Louisiana? Find out by watching this video.


Five panelists explore the quinceañera tradition in a discussion in the Union Museum of History and Art, 116 N. Main St., Farmerville.  The discussion is Moderated by Dr. Susan Roach, Louisiana Tech University professor and folklorist.

 The Panelists who discuss sacred and secular customs of quinceañeras are Mary Barrios, Claudia Escobar Wade, Fr. Al Jost, Maria Lopez, and Juanita Lopez. The event and the film is funded by a grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  It is one of several events slated in conjunction with the museum’s “Mis Quince – My Sweet 15” exhibit running Jan. 16-Feb. 23.

These include a cookery workshop with Mary Barrios on Feb. 9th and 'Plan your own Quinceañera' on Feb 23. All are welcome!

From 1998-2009, Dr. Roach was folklorist for the Louisiana Regional Folklife Program branch at Louisiana Tech, where she conducted research, provided technical assistance to institutions and organizations, and developed presentations on the folk-life of the north central and delta region.  Among her many research subjects are Hispanic populations of Union Parish.  She is Director, School of Literature and Language, and Mildred Saunders Adams Endowed Professor.

     For more information visit the museum itself and see the website:

 Please come along to the Union Museum of History and Art to see the exhibition and to view the movie on the museum's TV.  

“The Quinceanera TRADITION ExPLORED”

 The short programme format is ideally suited to the demands of Internet download and streaming limits and the attention spans of today’s busy world, but establishing credibility in a crowded media environment is essential.

For Editorial Integrity and Ethics!

Click the button to view the film on Youtube